19 June 2008

How I'm doing

I thought I'd sit up and do a quick post. I just had a call from Diane who said she's been checking my blog and there's not much on it.

I can only sit for about 20 minutes at a time (that's pushing it). I feel a little better each day. Vickie comes in a few times a day to tell me to stop doing things. She has jury duty today so I've slept most of the day. I'm surviving on the fruit she brought over this morning before she left.

Scully's bored, but I'm certain she's glad not to be outside in the mid-90's heat we're having. Today it's 105ยบ here! UGH! I'm glad not to be out in the heat we're having.

Saturday I'm going to try and participate in a webinar for an hour. Hopefully, I can get thru the whole thing.

Thanks for the healing prayers!

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